Other SDLT Reclaims

Property tax laws in the UK are reasonably complex and There are numerous exemptions for SDLT (or LTT/LBTT) which we can fully advise on.

These include such cases as: mixed-use, linked transactions, properties deemed uninhabitable and of course all forms of Multiple Dwelling Relief (MDR)

Also all sort of life events can happen. People can get divorced or married, decided to move in and out of the UK or swapped home. As a result the original transaction rating that SDLT was paid for may now have changed e.g a second home has now become a main residence.

In all cases we are very experienced in applying for refunds via amended returns and have a good working relationship with HMRC and other country authorities.We will handle all the paper work for you and liaise with HMRC.

In addition many conveyancing solicitors are wary of submitting reduced SDLT returns to HMRC as they are not licensed to provide tax advice.

In these cases we are happy, for a fixed fee, to provide a professional option and through tax calculation which can be used to officially justify SDLT discounts.

Contact us today for a confidential no obligations quote on how we can easily and legally reduce your SDLT.

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